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Pec Implants

One of the characteristics of a strong, toned man is defined pectoral muscles. Some men are able to develop their pecs through exercise. For those who cannot achieve their desired results in the gym, Dr. Lacerna can place pectoral implants (pec implants) to enhance the size and shape of a flat or undefined male chest. Implants will increase the projection of the chest wall and make it look more muscular. Dr. Lacerna is pleased to offer pec implants to her patients throughout Sarasota, Bradenton and the Tampa Bay area.

Candidates for Pec Implants

Good candidates for pec implants are men in good physical and psychological health who are unhappy with a flat chest and want a more muscular appearance. Candidates should not have any uncontrolled medical conditions that could affect the surgery or recovery period. Candidates should not smoke, or should plan to quit prior to surgery. Also, candidates should have realistic goals of surgery and understand what surgery can and cannot fix.

Planning Pec Implant Placement

If you are interested in pec implants, Dr. Lacerna will meet with you for an informational consultation. During the appointment, she will examine your chest and ask you to describe how you’d like your pecs to look after surgery. It may be helpful to show her a picture so she can visualize your desired cosmetic outcome. After Dr. Lacerna deems you a suitable candidate for pec implants, she will recommend a treatment plan and answer any questions you have about the surgery.

Preparing for Surgery

You will need to do several things to prepare for surgery. You should eat a well-balanced diet, get plenty of sleep and, if you smoke, quit at least two weeks prior to your surgery. Dr. Lacerna will give you a list of medications, vitamins and supplements to avoid in the weeks prior to your procedure. Following these instructions will lower the risk of complications during and after surgery.

Procedural Details

The pec implant procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Anesthesia will be administered to prevent you from feeling any pain during surgery.mens-chests

Dr. Lacerna will make small incisions in the armpit (axillary) area. Through the incisions, she will gently create small pockets within the breast tissue, underneath the pec muscles, and carefully position the implants. The size and shape of the implants that she uses will be determined prior to surgery, during your initial consultation.

After Surgery

Your chest will feel sore and swollen for several days following surgery, but these side effects will abate quickly. Get plenty of rest and avoid any strenuous activity, including bending and lifting, as your chest heals. Dr. Lacerna will meet with you for several follow-up appointments to check your healing progress and advise when it is safe to return to work and other normal activities.

Your New Look

With the placement of pec implants, you can enjoy a more sculpted chest. Depending on the rest of your physique, pec implants may help your chest look more proportional to the rest of your muscular body. Pec implants are designed to last for many years, as long as there are no complications and you are happy with the way they look.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Pec Implants

If you’d like more information about pec implants, please contact Dr. Lacerna’s practice by calling 941-954-4500 or sending an email. In addition to performing pec implant surgery, she also offers ab sculpting and breast reduction for men.